May 31, 2019


“Sunsovi Infotech is fully equipped for providing the services in the following  fields”

Our Expertise

  1. Video Conferencing Solution
  2. Information Security Consulting Services
  3. IT Trainings
  4. IT consulting
  5. Network solutions and Services.
  6. Data Center Services
  7.  System Integration
  8. Clustering and Storage Solutions

Video Conferencing solution

Sunsovi is equipped to provide video conferencing solutions for meeting room, class room executive offices, small conference room and remote offices.

Information Security Consulting Services
SUNSOVI possesses proven competence in Information Security Risk Analysis
and Management. Quantified risks can only be suitably mitigated by balanced
hardening of an organization’s security posture. Organizational or
enterprise security must be addressed in a manner that justifies the Returns
on Investment (ROI).

SUNSOVI brings to its clients a complete suite of security consulting
services, enabling them to make informed decisions to safeguard their
interests. These include:

– Security Risk Analysis and Bench Marking
– Policy Audits and Formulation
– External Penetration Testing
– Comprehensive Information Security Audit
– Linux / Windows Operating System
– Wireless Networks

 Network Security Design and Implementation & maintenance

– VPN Services
– Secure Wireless Networks
– Data and mail management
– Data Protection & management Services
– Technical Security Controls – Cryptography, Access Control
– Internal Surveillance and Monitoring Of Computing Resources

 Application Code Security Review

– Digital Certificate And PKI Solutions